We are always pleased to receive your comments about our foods – and if you would like to tell us your views / ideas etc. then please do send them to us via the ‘Contact Us’ menu option here on our website.  Thank you to all those of you who already stay in touch and let us know how much you like ‘bagsofHEALTH’ – your feedback really helps to keep us motivated!

These are some of the comments that we are especially pleased to share with you:

Gareth Buddo, of York: “I’d like to thank you for my recent supply of bagsofHEALTH porridge.  being self employed means there’s an awful lot to get through in the day, starting early doors at 5:30am on certain days.  In the past I found I’d be hungry and grouchy by mid morning, but since I’ve been having the Energy Balance porridge for breakfast I can make it till lunchtime without running on empty.  Tastes good too!  Jo, my partner, swears by your Easy Tummy mix.  I don’t ask, but as long as she’s happy, I’m happy!

Katherine Hackett, of Quakers Running Club, Darlington, discovers Energy Balance: “Having recently finished my first batch of your porridge I just wanted to comment on the difference it has made to my running training.  The energy balance porridge tastes great and is perfect for long distance running – I’ve been using it for the past 6 months for marathon training and eating it about 2.5hrs before long runs of up to 19 miles.  It certainly keeps hunger at bay yet it doesn’t cause stitch or indigestion.  I switched back to standard porridge (which I always used to eat before running) for one long run and felt very low on energy and hungry before I’d even started training…I don’t want to train on anything else now!

Chris Wilson, of Worcester, is an accomplished marathon runner – and kindly testifies how great our Energy Balance blend works for him: “As a marathon runner I need food that includes key nutrients and plenty of energy.   For some time I have taken a leaf out of Paula Radcliffe’s book by having a breakfast of porridge, made with milk, and mixed with honey and banana.  I swapped my regular breakfast for a bowl of bagsofHEALTH for four weeks, while in training for a marathon, and was pleased with the taste and how it satisfied my hunger.  The combination of low-GI oats and the complete protein quinoa convinced me of the nutritional value of bagsofHEALTH, but I was initially skeptical about the claim that the cinnamon in “Energy Balance” could significantly affect my energy levels.

I was amazed to find that my long runs of 18 miles became easier when breakfasting with bagsofHEALTH Energy Balance.  Normally after thirteen or so miles my energy levels drop, but with Energy Balance I felt stronger for longer and could finish a training run feeling tired, but not enervated.  This, and the additional protein provided by the porridge, allowed my body to recover more quickly from tough runs, meaning I could get the most out of my training regime.

I would recommend bagsofHEALTH to any athlete who is looking to maximise their training and improve their performance.”

(Chris finishing on The Mall, London Marathon 2011)

Ryan Hepworth of East Yorkshire is also a great athlete, and finds benefit from ‘bagsofHEALTH’ Energy Balance: “I compete in Ironman Triathlons, which consist of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike followed by a 26.2 mile marathon. The physical demands of this event both on race day and in training mean nutrition is the 4th discipline of triathlon. I finished as the fastest British athlete in my age group at the UK Ironman, which qualified me for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii just 10 weeks later. I finished this event 13th in the world and as the fastest British athlete in my age group. There is no doubt in my mind that ‘bagsofHEALTH: Energy Balance’ helped me to both train harder and recover faster in the built up to these events… and they don’t taste too bad either!”

Richard Penny of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, another triathlete says: “The porridge? Well…….. Its great. The ideal fill needed on a morning.  Exercising is still hard but I do feel more ‘ready’ to exercise. Easy to make and well packaged.”

Andy North our Sunshine Challenge hero had this to say after using ‘bagsofHEALTH’ on his mega-venture: “bagsofHEALTH gave the Sunshine Challenge team a healthy alternative by providing our team with an energy boost throughout each day, from the morning porridge made with Energy Balance, to the healthy and filling Peanut Power energy bars made up from Easy Tummy, without doubt this kept our energy levels high throughout the day during our 2,000 mile challenge from Catterick Garrison to Gibraltar Barracks.”

Looking in great shape on the ‘bagsofHEALTH’ guys as you finish your 2,000 mile craziness in Gibraltar!

Mr. John Greenshaw of White Rose Telecoms in Richmond, North Yorkshire says:  “Porridge has never tasted so good, or left me feeling so good either, whatever the wholesome organic ingredients are they do the job, and then some!

Suzanne very kindly left this message for us via our email:  “I bought a big bag of your Energy Balance ‘bagsofHEALTH’ at the recent York Food Fest, and I just want to tell you I love them!  I did make some yummy bowls of porridge with it, but I made a whopping batch of granola with the rest, and I must say it’s the best granola I ever made! The quinoa gives it a great crunch.

Mr. Jeremy Powell of Malton says:  “Not all porridge is the same.  ‘bagsofHEALTH’ are a cut above the average with their own taste and a feeling that they have not been mucked about with.  When I run out of my ‘bagsofHEALTH’ and have to use ordinary oats I feel a degree of disappointment for the rest of the day.  ‘bagsofHEALTH’ – simply the best for me!

(We can confirm that ‘bagsofHEALTH’ are indeed not “mucked about with” – but contain the best quality ingredients that we can source!)

Mr. John McKay of York sent us a kind email: “Thank you for introducing me to “bagsofHEALTH”.  I have eaten oats purchased from Supermarkets for several years. However, I changed to “bagsofHEALTH”about six months ago.  I recently ran out of “bagsofHEALTH” and I purchased oats from my local supermarket,as an emergency,I immediately realised how coarse they actually were.  It made me realise how different “bagsofHEALTH” really are, a much softer texture.  I now have a regular order of “bagsofHEALTH” to make sure that I do not run out.  You have only got to try them once to be able to tell the difference from other retail brands.  I enjoy both types “Energy Balance” and “Easy Tummy” and I find the latter to be my favourite.  I look forward more than ever to breakfast and I feel full for much longer,this is a big benefit to me as it stops me snacking and therefore I find it helps me to lose weight.  The special thing about “bagsofHEALTH” to me is the taste, flavour and soft texture. I have recommended them to several friends and colleagues.  Thanks again for this wonderful product.

Helena David of York says: “Just wanted to contact you and let you know how impressed I was with the Easy Tummy oats. I regularly have stomach problems so thought I’d give the Easy Tummy oats a go, and found them so easy to digest and had no problems whatsoever. I eat porridge most days for breakfast (maybe as I live in Scotland!) and I really found the Easy Tummy oats kept me full until lunchtime. I’m usually nibbling on something by 11!

(Porridge to Scotland?  We’ll try coals to Newcastle next Helena!)