The  ‘bagsofHEALTH’ range of oat blends is our flagship brand.

Based on sound nutritional principles and current clinical research, we blend wholesome natural ingredients to help our bodies and minds work at their best.  This new range of oat blends is carefully created to balance nature’s best ingredients in convenient, versatile blends.

Each product within the range is formulated to support specific body functions: and each blend is named to convey to you the way in which it may be helpful.

Hectic lifestyles and processed foods can leave us feeling depleted of energy and vitality.  Cleverly combining energy giving oats with spices, seeds and natural proteins, ‘bagsofHEALTH’ can be used as convenient breakfast mixes, snacks, or baking mixes for flapjacks, granola and cookies.

Energy, great taste and convenient nutritional balance for optimum body performance.

Recognising that there was no suitable, convenient range of natural food-based products to specifically target health and wellbeing issues, we have created a range of great tasting, ready to use blends which make it easy for you to eat well and stay well.

Details of each product within the ‘bagsofHEALTH’ range, and our thinking in creating them, are given on the pages below.  We hope you find this informative, but please do contact us if you have any questions.