What can we tell you about Wilson & Richardson Foods Ltd?

Our company was formed, in 2010, on the basis of a vision shared by two people, Elaine Wilson and Pat Richardson, who REALLY want to provide you with truly healthy food choices, the power to choose your foods wisely, and all the information to help you to make your best personal food choices.

Our products are all researched and formulated by Elaine Wilson (DipAc, MSc(Ac), DipCH, DipNT, MSc(NT)), a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, Acupuncturist and Colon Hydrotherapist.  Her clients and patients have been benefiting from her recipes for a long time.  Elaine and Pat, together, decided it was high time that everyone could benefit just the same: and hey presto ‘bagsofHEALTH‘ are born!  We aim to continually add to our product range to keep up with the best in clinical research of foods – ensuring your health is always the focus for our business.

We are always delighted to receive great testimonials for our products, and these are probably best summed up by Mr. John Greenshaw from Richmond, North Yorkshire, who says “your products do all that you say – and then some!”

We are dedicated to ensuring that foods that claim to be healthy ARE indeed healthy – and, as seeing is believing, we provide the research evidence to back up our beliefs about our products.